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This story captures how a young lady's perception of love changes after she meets the One who loves her genuinely despite her imperfections.

Author Benjamin Bauda
Date Published 2023-02-26
Publisher Shuzia
Tags Fiction


  1. Oluwatoyin Ojomo said:

    Lovely piece!

  2. Jaygal said:

    Awesome piece

  3. Oluwatoyin Anuoluwa said:

    Beautiful story

  4. Gbolahan Sarumi said:

    It’s relatable It’s simple It’s readable rate is great No use of unnecessary buzz word I actually was painting a picture in my mind. Everyone has actually suffered one identity crisis one time in our life

  5. ola tomi said:

    That His love is Everlasting!! Beautiful story.

  6. Damilare Olawale said:

    Wow 👏 so amazing and interesting story

  7. Akinyemi Hannah said:

    I enjoy every bit of this story😍😍😍

  8. Akinyemi Hannah said:

    Wowww This is so captivating Thanks for describing Jesus love in a simple and relatable way🤗🤗

  9. Akinyemi Akintola said:

    This story is incredible. I love it.

  10. Unique Babalola said:

    Beautiful piece

  11. Ayobami Olanrewaju said:

    Wow, great story❤️❤️👍

  12. Grace Abiala said:

    Love that has no end! I enjoyed every bit of it It was a beautiful read. So simple and yet the message wasn't altered

  13. Susan Bond said:

    Nice story

  14. eniola deborah said:

    Wow... such a great story His love is unconditional 🥰

  15. Jessica Kane said:

    Very interesting one

  16. Adetoye David said:

    Great Story mehnn!

  17. peters gabriel said:


  18. Oluwasogo Oladele said:

    This is Nice.💯 • No one can love us like Jesus. His love is unconditional. • When we feel rejected by the world, we should be rest assured that Jesus loves us so much and that is all that matters ♥️. Kudos to the Authors 👌

  19. Damilare Olawale said:

    So very interested 👌 story

  20. Ajibade Oluwabunmi said:

    Absolutely stunning piece.... And a great reminder of Christ's comprehensive love for us.

  21. Saleh Dauda Akwai said:

    The short story is powerful. It reminds me of Christ love for me and humanity at large. Furthermore, it reminds me the need to love and accept everyone without discrimination

  22. Benjamin Sarah said:

    Love is the greatest no conditions attached Just as Christ love me. True love exist. I am in love with this piece

  23. sunday happy said:

    Such a lovely piece. Well done Sir 👏

  24. Gabriel Ayegba said:

    Well articulated, brilliantly written. Short and concise but very impactful. I love it!

  25. Hajara sabo said:

    There no love like that of Christ Well done sir

  26. Timothy Yohanna said:

    Beautiful and encouraging love story

  27. sandra louis said:

    It's an amazing, insightful book. I love it, and I think it should be read by everyone.

  28. Kukoyi Elijah said:

    Such and nice and lovely piece, nice one guys

  29. Peter Akoh said:

    Awesome. Keep up the good work

  30. Rufus Usiahon said:

    A beautiful love story. Precise, beautifully done and positive. Have a nice read!

  31. Asuqwo Victor said:

    I love everything about this piece. I could feel the emotion so strong. Nice piece!

  32. leal KODA said:

    Keep it up, Sir!🙂

  33. oluwarotimi samuel said:

    Nice story

  34. oluwarotimi samuel said:

    Nice story

  35. Jonah Jebak said:

    Wow........ lovely piece, so much emotions

  36. Busayo Orisasona said:

    Welldone👏🏾 I absolutely loved the transition of the story from speaking on the stigma that comes with having skin issues to the point of learning to love one’s self again. I love the plot twist too; all along, I thought the love she’d find would come from a man, not knowing that Jesus is the only true love who can love us as we are, who can love us with our flaws and who sees and loves us as he intended us. He’s the only true love that has been and will always be. Beautiful work👏🏾

  37. akinyemi eniola said:

    Captivating. Definitely not a time waster 🥂

  38. Joy Okoroma said:

    That love that makes a difference. Thank you authors

  39. Joy Onovo said:

    This is a beautiful piece. An insightful way to tell of the love of Jesus Christ. It sure doesn't depend on who we are or what we can ever offer.

  40. Olanrewaju Grace said:

    Kudos, great work of Art

  41. christian Okoroma said:

    This is a lovely piece. A reminder that the true worth of our lives Is unchanging in the eyes of our creator and can only be known through Him. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful work.

  42. Faith Daisy said:

    Interesting! His love is indeed incomparable. One of the nicest piece I've read this year.

  43. Chioma Johnson said:

    Wow,this is so articulated. I love this, 💝 Congratulations guys

  44. Nnalikwu Chiemelie said:

    Wow, very interesting

  45. Hephzibah Mgbajah said:

    It’s a good story. However, I think the character had a deeper struggle with herself that was beyond what she looked like and how people perceived her, in my opinion. So it was a little cliche when her peers made fun of her appearance and she reacted to their mockery. She didn’t love herself in the first place to even accommodate the love of another which was why her mother’s words weren’t enough. So it wasn’t a case of “I love yous” because she still wouldn’t have felt secure in another’s love because she didn’t love herself. Which is why “wonderfully and perfectly made” resonated with me as I was reading it because it seemed like those were the perfect words deep enough to calm her self-loathing. Also, I loved this line “as I approached the aisle of sleep…”

  46. Ijibadejo Margaret said:

    The love of God definitely has no end... Great story

  47. Komolafe Samuel said:

    This is really lovely and beautiful, keep it up❤️

  48. Nanyil Zingbong said:

    This is an exhilarating piece;Indeed Christ loves us all despite our flaws

  49. Alpha Likita said:

    Nice piece

  50. Alpha Likita said:

    Nice piece

  51. Seraphina Chris-Nduka said:

    A very interesting and mind captivating piece. Such an interesting read.

  52. Jesutoni Jesse said:

    Wow this is beautiful

  53. Jesutoni Jesse said:

    Great work done on this book

  54. Church Online Coordinate MSP said:

    It’s indeed an interesting one

  55. Church Online Coordinate MSP said:

    Everybody needs to read this book

  56. Adeshewa Olushina said:

    I love this book

  57. Unini Mosimabale said:

    Very captivating piece.

  58. Unini Mosimabale said:

    A must read book. Great job!

  59. Memunat Ibrahim said:

    I am excited I came across this book

  60. Hadiza Gana said:

    Interesting and impressive

  61. Abigail Tunji said:

    This is really nice and good well done

  62. Mars Decast said:

    It is a nice story indeed

  63. Unini Jesutoni B. said:

    well written story

  64. Linda Bassy said:

    Lovely and beautiful story

  65. Unini Jesutoni B. said:

    I really enjoyed the progression of the story.

  66. Adeshewa Olushina said:

    This is great work and art indeed

  67. Memunat Ibrahim said:

    This book was worth my time

  68. Hadiza Gana said:

    A lot of amazing work went into this.

  69. Abigail Tunji said:

    You have really done well on this book

  70. Mars Decast said:

    I need to read more of books like this

  71. Above Rubies said:

    Love stories are always so interesting especially when they are well written like this one.

  72. Linda Bassy said:

    The book is so interesting though

  73. Ecclesia Media Resources said:

    You should check the book out

  74. Belocated Ltd said:

    Good one welll done

  75. Ecclesia Media Resources said:

    Well done on the book

  76. Grace Mosimabale said:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  77. Grace Mosimabale said:

    Well done to the authors

  78. Belocated Ltd said:

    I am truly impressed

  79. Above Rubies said:

    Definitely worth the read. Great job!

  80. Oluwatoyin Anuoluwa said:

    An excellent story

  81. Jesutoni Jesse said:

    Great job on this book

  82. JeJez Media said:

    i love the whole story

  83. Oluwatoyin Anuoluwa said:

    An amazing writeup

  84. Ogunsola Emmanuel said:

    Awesome story

  85. Linda Bassy said:


  86. Linda Bassy said:

    This book is exciting

  87. Jesse Daniel said:

    Thank you for the effort put into this book

  88. Irukera Jesutoni said:

    Beautiful and interesting story

  89. Adeshewa Olushina said:

    This is indeed an interesting story

  90. Memunat Ibrahim said:

    Everyone really needs to read this book

  91. Hadiza Gana said:

    You shouldn’t read this interesting book alone, recommend to someone.

  92. Abigail Tunji said:

    The good job done is undeniable

  93. Mars Decast said:

    Getting this book and completely digesting it was a good decision for me

  94. Ade Pamilerin said:

    Nice piece

  95. Ade Pamilerin said:

    Glad I came across this

  96. Jamilaya said:

    Very interesting one

  97. Layi Wasabi said:

    Awesome piece

  98. Ade Pamilerin said:

    Great book

  99. Irukera Jesutoni said:

    Reallly great book

  100. Jesse Daniel said:

    Interesting love. Story

  101. Adeshewa Olushina said:

    Great work here

  102. Ogunsola Emmanuel said:

    Interesting story

  103. Oluwatoyin Anuoluwa said:

    Absolute love..

  104. Becky Jatau said:

    Amazing, interesting and impressive story, more Grace and wisdom to the author

  105. Ogunsola Emmanuel said:

    Amazing story


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